Robert Breaker vs the Seventh Day Sabbath- Part 1

Clarifying Truth: Robert Breaker and the Seventh Day Sabbath - Part 1

Clarifying Truth Matters
Has the law of God been done away with? Join MacKenzie Drebit and Matt Schanche on Truth Matters as they engage in a thought-provoking discussion challenging the teachings of evangelical pastor Robert Breaker. In a respectful spirit, Truth Matters aims to shed light on the SDA perspective. Discover how SDA values stem from the moral law of the Ten Commandments, not the ceremonial law of Moses. Explore the belief that keeping the Commandments is not viewed as works but as righteousness by faith. Understand how keeping the Commandments is a profound expression of love for God and a sacred commitment rooted in the covenant proclaimed by Him. Explore the timeless relevance of the old and new covenants and their significance in today's world. Join Truth Matters as we seek truth and uplift one another in understanding.
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