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Whose Rule of Law will Prevail? Will it Be God’s Law?

They Have Made Void Thy Law Part 1
What will be the rule of law in the new world order? Will it be the Ten Commandments? Or Roman Catholic natural law? Who is behind the removal of God’s Ten Commandments in society?

God’s laws are not to be tampered with, but one by one the Ten Commandments are being attacked and made void. Every precept of God has been marginalized and reduced. They are being wiped out of our constitutions and international laws.

In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith examines the assaults against God’s Ten Commandments. Satan has been subtly working to obliterate God’s law in society. How is he doing it? Learn the alarming truth about the new fascist human rights laws and Roman Catholic natural law that are being touted by the UN and the Papacy as the answer to the world’s problems.
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