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Barbara O'Neill

Barbara O'Neill

Naturopath and nutritionist, Barbara O’Neill became interested in natural health when her first child became ill and spent weeks in hospital. This motivated her to investigate the cause, find a remedy, and live a lifestyle that would prevent this from happening again. At 26, she embraced Christianity which gave her a new perspective on the human body as an intricately designed organism with in-built mechanisms to self-heal. Barbara was particularly inspired by the health writings of Ellen G White.

Barbara O’Neill’s healing success springs from her knowledge of conditions required for the body to heal itself. Her great passion and life work lies in educating people in the correct health principles that lead to longer, healthier, and happier lives. Her engaging educational style is both informative and practical. Barbara O’Neill speaks to international audiences on natural health and promotes God’s eight health laws for optimal health and healing.


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