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Who's Behind the Great Reset's Economic Restructuring Plan?

Episode 3: Is The 'Great Reset' Designed To Usher Un The 'New World Order'
World leaders are saying that Covid-19 presents an opportunity for social and economic restructuring through what they’re calling The Great Reset. Could it be, instead, the transition to globalism and the new world order?

What is The Great Reset? Why is it targeting capitalism as the enemy which must be removed, and quickly? How will the economic and social restructuring affect us? What kind of world are we heading for? And who’s behind it?

This Truth Matters podcast takes a closer look at The Great Reset and shows that its ideologies predate Covid-19 by many years. Join Truth Matters hosts Professor Walter Veith, Matthew Schanche and Mackenzie Drebit as they unravel the hidden truths behind the events in the headlines so you can prepare for what’s coming.
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