What Jesus On the Cross Means For You | Amazing Discoveries
In life we have rules, rewards, and retribution. The only thing that breaks up this trio is mercy. Mercy changes everything, and Jesus’ mercy on our lives has turned everything upside down. Doctor Pandit proposes that mercy is borne out of Christ’s love for us. Love has many definitions and meanings, especially in the Bible. Out of all the different types of love outlined in Scripture, Agape love is the only love that never diminishes. People may fall in and out of love for people and of things all the time. Agape love never has a reason to abandon us because this unique love never needed a reason to exist in the first place. The Lord’s extensive and expansive love for us is incomprehensible and everlasting. This love is the only reason we were shown mercy when we did not deserve it.

Jesus endured torture, nails, blood, and the cross. However, just these things alone did not guarantee our salvation. Consider what Jesus on the cross means for you and make your own decision on its worth.
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