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Do You Know God's Plan for Your Life?

One with God's Purpose - Part 1
Have you ever wondered, “Does God have a plan for my life?” Pastor Pavel Goia teaches lessons on how to know God’s plan for your life through experiences from the Exodus illustrated with real life modern examples.

Paul warned spiritual Israel not to follow literal Israel’s example of unbelief and refusal to serve. Jesus showed that those who don’t use the gifts He gives lose them and are cut off. Listen as Pastor Goia shares the amazing story of how two mentally handicapped young men were used in a powerful way by God to bring people to Him. If Jesus could use two demoniacs, a donkey, and the woman at the well, what excuse can any of us give for refusing to serve Him?

Do you want to avoid making the same mistakes Israel made in your own life? Discover what you must do to learn God’s plan for your life and fulfill His purpose for you.
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