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Who Rules the World and Is Subject to the King of Babylon?

The Herodian Mind Part 2
Who rules the world? Who is the second beast of Revelation 13 who exercises power on behalf of the antichrist? In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the second beast of Revelation 13. Those who rule the world today are in conflict with God and His followers, just as they have been throughout history.

Those who have the mark of Cain and have been permitted to rule can exercise their power to a limit which God sets and when that limit comes, He will bring their dominion to an end. Today we are at point where the same principles that applied to the close of probation in all the other kingdoms are coming to a head in our time. We are heading for the final cataclysm and it is our duty to make people aware of the danger they are in.
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