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Will a New World Order be the Kingdom of God on Earth?

I Think Therefore He Is
What will the new world order look like? Will it be a kingdom of God on earth? We’re told in Hebrews 11:10 that Abraham looked for a city whose builder is God. In contrast, those who have authority to rule are looking for a city of their own making and are building a “kingdom of God” on earth.

What will that coming kingdom be like? Professor Walter J. Veith examines papal encyclicals to catch a glimpse of the shape of this earthly city. The buzzwords associated with it sound so noble and good. But what do terms such as “religious freedom,” “common good,” and “universal destination of goods” mean, and how will the implementation of these phrases affect God’s people?

Find out why those who believe the Bible must recognize and separate from the mindset that is at enmity with God.
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