Did Jesuit education beat Protestantism? | Amazing Discoveries
What role has Jesuit education played in Satan’s war strategies against Christ and His people? How do the military orders of the Roman Catholic Church operate? What was the purpose of the creation of the Jesuit Order? And what has this got to do with Gnosticism and its entrance into the church?

The Jesuit Order was ousted from most European nations in the 18th century and was finally banned by the Pope himself in 1773, only to be reinstated in 1814. What happened there? Might “The Art of War” shed some light on this subject? What have the Jesuits accomplished since that period in their history? Military orders such as the Knights of Malta and the Jesuits are in positions of great power and influence today. What are they accomplishing through events we hear about in the news? What are their plans? Will they succeed? Find out!
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