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Do You Fear the Final Judgement? Why You Should Look Forward to It

The Typology of Deliverance
Should God’s people fear the final judgement? Why, instead, should we be grateful for it? Typology of Old Testament stories of deliverance shed light upon the deliverance of God’s people at the time of the final judgement described in Revelation.

What led up to the disastrous judgments that fell upon Jerusalem when the city was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD? When did Christians stop keeping Sabbath and begin keeping Sunday and why? Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the typological elements of familiar Bible stories and fills in the details with information archaeology has revealed. What can history tell us about how prophecy will be fulfilled in the end? Why is the final judgement a thing not to be dreaded by God’s people?

Take a fresh look at old stories that have important lessons for us today.
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