Lessons on Facing the Omega of Apostasy | Amazing Discoveries
Explore the intricacies and symbolic application of Korah’s rebellion in the Old Testament. As the children of Israel experienced the rebellion of Korah—complete with apostasy, doctrinal shifts, and the tendency to regress to Egypt—so antitypical Israel experienced a similar history. As we retrace the steps of ancient Israel in type and antitype, we get a clearer view of ourselves in the stream of history. We also get a clearer view of the issues we should be alerted to. What can we learn about how to address apostasy in the church?

As Israel experienced a rebellion, so antitypical Israel experienced an alpha apostasy. What insight does a typological study of Korah’s rebellion give us into the dangers we face within the church? What can we learn about the omega of apostasy and how it must be dealt with?
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