Is Catholicism A Pagan Religion?| Amazing Discoveries
In this episode of Total Onslaught, the question of whether Catholicism is pagan is addressed. We also look at how the ancient religion of Babylon and its origins are traced through historic time to the very time in which we live. It is clearly revealed how this ancient religion is alive and well in the religious systems of our day, dressed in a garb to suitably camouflage it from the eyes of the casual observer. This episode reveals paganism in the most powerful Church in the world. Paganism in Catholicism: Semiramis, mother-child worship in ancient cultures, sun worship symbols found in Catholicism, St. John's Lateran, sun doors, keys, tiara, Catholic ceremonies, fleur-de-lis, all-seeing eye, yin yang, the eye of Horus, shell, globe, Quetzalcoatl, the dome of Vatican, pine cone, hand signs, winged serpent, and sun wheels.
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