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Did the Resurrection of Jesus Really Happen?

Post Death Scene - Climate after Founders Death
Out of all the religious founders in the world, Jesus’ crucifixion and death is unquestionably the worst. It was humiliating, shameful, dirty, and painful. However, compared to the other religious founders, Jesus was the only completely innocent man. Why should the most innocent man die the most horrible death? Doctor Pandit evaluates the death and resurrection of Jesus and what came afterward. How was the world affected by the deaths of major religious founders?

In other religions, leaders die and someone else takes their place and rises to power. There is always someone new to look up to. But Jesus claims He’ll always be with us. Many people have come up with theories to disprove Jesus’ resurrection. Perhaps Jesus didn’t die on the cross and just fainted. Perhaps someone stole Jesus’ body. Pandit uses his deductive inquiry skills to debunk each of these theories to reveal the miraculous truth that Jesus did die, and did rise again.
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