The New Age Movement Exposed | Amazing Discoveries
Who began the New Age movement and what is its aim? This episode is an in-depth analysis of the New Age movement and includes a look at Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Christian Science movement, Maitreya, Buddhism, false christs, and Benjamin Crème. Using direct quotes from writers and people involved in each of these movements, Dr. Veith shows that their ultimate agenda is to usurp Jesus Christ.

Other topics covered in this episode include: Jesuitism and the New Age movement, the use of subliminal images by Jehovah's Witnesses, Harry Potter, the Maitreya, Mary Baker Eddy, Gnostics, New Age teachings in Catholicism, New Age in Freemasonry, genealogical connections between US presidents, Alice A. Bailey, and NASA’s religious connections.
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