The Book Of Revelation Explained

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
What is the best way to interpret the visions in the book of Revelation? What background knowledge do we need to understand God's Word correctly? In this episode, the book of revelation is explained. It is a verse-by-verse exposition of Revelation 1 highlighting the deity of Christ and the great battle between good and evil. It takes us back to the time of ancient cultures right up to the present showing that apostasy towards the truth in the past finds its mirror image in the present. Some other topics explored in this episode of Total Onslaught include: An overview of Revelation's chiastic structure, symbols of Revelation, Symbols in ancient temples and sun-worship in ancient religions - ruins of old temples, contrast with present religions and the origin of symbols, the Rabbinic course, along with a brief overview of the time of the end and 2300 days prophecy.
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