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If someone claimed to be the son of the one true God, what would their life be like? Doctor Pandit brings the life record of religious founders into question. Did the lives of these religious leaders coincide with their written teachings? As we delve into historical data, discover how the majority of these men did not live according to what they preached. Their teachings did not match their lives! Oftentimes these men were plagued with sinful youths and were surrounded by sensuality and temptation. All of these leaders but one were imperfect. They led sinful lives and all had mistakes that required cleansing.

Jesus had no shortcomings. His was the only life and He is the only man whose theory matched His practice. He has set a perfect example for us, so He has the one and only right to ask us to follow Him. Pandit leads us through an investigation into the childhood, youth, and adulthood of the major religious leaders, finally concluding with the one man we should follow.
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