Have Protestants said, “We have no king but Caesar”? | Amazing Discoveries
In making peace with Rome, have Protestants given up their loyalty to King Jesus and said, “We have no king but Caesar”? This video concludes analysis of “From Conflict to Communion” with a look at transubstantiation, papal infallibility, and the Lutheran church’s rejection of Luther’s identification of the pope as Antichrist.

In “From Conflict to Communion” Lutherans deny that their church originated with the Reformation and have apologized for their very existence. In admitting to guilt for “damaging the unity of the church” they are denying the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the Reformation.

This video demonstrates that none of the issues of the Reformation have been resolved. Learn why the time has come for those who’ve been crushed by the iron foot of Rome to make a choice and to stand either with the King of kings or with the king of this earth.
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