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What Did the Reformers Teach About the Little Horn?

Protestants, Prophecy, and the Papacy
Who is the little horn of Daniel 7? Why were the reformers so certain of Antichrist’s identification that one of them, Georg Nigrinus, could say that the Bible was so clear about Antichrist’s features that his identification was unmistakable and “as true as it is that Jesus is the Messiah”?

What is Protestantism and what does it mean to be a Protestant? In this video, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the history of Protestantism and reformed theology. Learn where the church began to stray from Biblical teachings and what has happened in recent times to confuse Protestant thinking. If the reformers were right and the modern theologians are wrong about the little horn and Antichrist’s identity, it must be one of the greatest deceptions of all time that has come upon the world.
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