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Who’s Behind the Push for Globalism?

Plan for Global Unity - Part 1
What’s behind the massive push toward global unity? According to globalism’s proponents and loudest voices, unity is the only solution to the global health crisis, climate change, and social problems. Do these problems explain the globalism vs nationalism clash? Are these issues the reason for dismantling the current system of national governance? Or is the current system being replaced to make room for a specific form of world government that’s been in the works for a long time? What does the Bible say about one world government and global unity? What was God’s response to globalism in the past? Can prophecy shed light upon the drive toward globalism and the chaos being left in its wake?

This episode analyzes the thrust toward global governance and looks at the four key figures behind it. Find out what the Bible says about globalism. Discover what prophecy predicts for the world’s future – and your future.
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