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Do you find yourself constantly backsliding in your Christian walk? Christianity is not just about forgiveness but having the power to live a Christ-like life. But how do we get that power? Many of us are caught in a repeated cycle of falling into sin, asking repentance, then falling into sin again, and again. We haven’t experienced the holiness of a life lived in wholeness for God. Jesus’ parables about the ten virgins and the improperly dressed wedding guest have lessons for us. What was the essential oil that the five foolish virgins failed to bring with them? Why would the others not share with them in their hour of need? How was the man deceived into thinking his own clothes were good enough to get him into the feast? We may excuse our faults for a time, but in that day, like the speechless man who came to the wedding feast without a wedding garment, we will have no excuse. Learn how to come back to God after backsliding and end the cycle.
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