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What Is The Process Of Sanctification?

Step 4: Forgiveness
What is the process of sanctification? What is holiness and how do we get it? How can we have the experience of Enoch whose walk with God so transformed him that he was fit to be taken straight into heaven without seeing death? It’s true that Christ wants to clothe us with His righteousness, but it’s also true that Christ’s robe of righteousness will never be put upon a sinner to hide his deformity.

In the time of Moses, many Israelites died of snake bites when the remedy was very near. They lamented of their wounds and pains until their strength was gone when they might have had instant healing. Are many Christians today doing the same thing? In fact, we are told, many fail and will ultimately be lost, simply because they allow their feelings to dictate unbelief in Christ’s promises.

How can we develop the faith that brings spiritual healing? Learn how we may be walking miracles and demonstrate the power God has to raise the dead and waken those who are spiritually dead.
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