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Christ desires for us to live a victorious Christian life, but we must realize that we cannot hope for peace with God while continuing to sin. If he could, Satan would kill us all before we had opportunity to repent because he knows that just one sin unrepented of has enough power to keep us out of heaven. But if we fall, we don’t need to despair because Christ is our advocate and He is not willing that any should perish. The same compassion that rescued Peter when he denied his Lord is there to rescue everyone. For Jesus, no one is too sinful to save. Those who are rough, bad-tempered and stubborn are the very ones who draw most upon Christ’s sympathy and love because He understands their experiences and knows why they’re resistant. He loves those who don’t get anything right in their lives and has made every provision to turn their defeat into victory. What is Christ’s part to play if we fall? What is our part? Learn what we can do to disappoint the enemy and honor our Redeemer.
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