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How To Deal With Guilt As Christians

Step 2: Conviction
In the Garden of Eden when they fell into sin, Adam and Eve felt the shame of nakedness and hid from God. It’s the same for us today. When we fall into sin and feel guilt and shame, the natural response is to run from God. We feel condemned by Him. We experience guilt as a punishment from God.
Feeling unworthy of His love and grace, we don’t want to pray, don’t want to read our Bibles, don’t want to go to church. We mourn for our shortcomings, but never seem to be able to overcome. As a result, many of us are Sadventists, looking for Christ’s return while we wallow in our unhappy, sinful state because we’ve failed to meet the first condition required before being accepted in Christ.
But is guilt a punishment? Or is it a gift?
Learn how to deal with guilt in this presentation.
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