Why do good and evil exist? | Amazing Discoveries
What is enmity? God put enmity between “the woman” and Satan, we’re told in Genesis 3:15, meaning earth became a place where hostility exists between good and evil. We feel the enmity of Genesis 3:15 in our daily lives and we long for peace. What is the solution?

Do people realize there’s a cosmic battle raging around us between good and evil? Where did the war start? Who is Lucifer? Why didn’t God destroy the devil? Who is Michael the Archangel? Is man an afterthought? Why did God create people? Does the Bible have an explanation for why the world is in the mess it’s in?

Genesis 3:15 shows us the origin of the battle between good and evil that we see around us. Enmity #1 - Battle Lines: Prologue begins at the beginning, where it all started, in Genesis. The battle lines were drawn back there in the garden and 6000 years later, we are still not finished with this war. Will it ever end?
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