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How Rejection of Sabbath Rest and Agreement on Sunday Mapped the Destiny of Protestantism

The Meaning of Rest
Why did God command Sabbath rest? What kind of “rest” does the Sabbath symbolize? Is Sabbath-keeping legalism or is it something deeper? In Exodus 31:13, God calls the Sabbath a sign that acknowledges Him as the one who sanctifies us. Does God’s command to keep the Sabbath apply to us today? Or was it for the Jews only? Is there a Christian Sabbath? Which day is it?

This lecture reviews the history of the seventh-day Sabbath from its introduction in Eden, to its observance by the Jews, by Christ and the apostles, and the early Christian church around the world. How did the Christian church move from keeping the Sabbath to honouring the first day of the week in its place? Who authorized the change? Does it really matter which day we keep?
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