America's Prophetic Destiny Part 2: Land of the Free. Home of the Mark

Land of the Free. Home of the Mark!

America's Prophetic Destiny Part 2:
Did you know that Revelation predicts a nation with freedoms will transform into one attempting to enslave the minds of humanity? Continue this impactful journey with Mackenzie Drebit as we explore in this short video symbols, history, and the rising beast – representing the United States. Unfold the exact details about Protestantism and Republicanism foretold thousands of years ago in the Bible! Who is the dragon? Who is the beast? It may surprise you that they are already in power! 

Find out what the Bible says about the persecuting power that speaks like a dragon and aims to control your liberty of conscience! God has forewarned us of these things so that when we see them, we can recognize them and believe in His word. Join Amazing Discoveries on this intriguing brief journey, and explore the details of Revelation—God's timely message, relevant for you today!

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