Through Different Eyes

Presented by Dan Gabbert

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. God's Simple Way of Healing the Broken Heart

Dan Gabbert is the spiritual and mental health coach at the Black Hills Health & Education Centre in Rapid City, South Dakota. In his presentation "Through Different Eyes" he helps us to discover through God’s word, God’s ways of healing a broken heart.

2. The Gift of Choice (Part 1)

In this presentation Dan Gabbert gives us short simple profound study on the gift of Choice. God has given us faith, the ability to trust what you cannot verify with your senses.

3. The Gift of Choice (Part 2)

This program is dedicated to providing God’s understanding of life experiences and His ways of healing the mental and spiritual dimensions of our life.

4. Improving Your Life

Dan Gabbert teaches how you can improve your life, mentally, spiritually and physically.

5. Retrain the Brain

In this presentation, Dan Gabbert shares tips on how to train your brain. We often get trapped by thinking habitually about something that bothers us.

6. Mind Management Tips

Dan Gabbert helps us discover mind management tips. Did you know what goes on in our thinking is what makes us who we are?

7. Healing a Broken Heart

The only safety for any soul is through right thinking. How does our thinking affect our destiny? The power of self restraint strengthens by exercise.

8. Depression - Personal Value

Dan Gabbert covers a very important topic on Depression–Personal Value. Dan and his wife Patsy have been working with guests from all over the world at the Wellness Centre.

9. Why Are We Here?

Why are we here? Dan Gabbert gives us answers to this profound question through the Word of God. People wrestle with questions of their value and why they exist. Where do we get the desire to love and be loved?

10. Having the Mind of Christ

In this presentation Dan Gabbert gives us a brief but important insight that is extremely valuable in the Christian experience particularly to those who desire to be more like Jesus & have the mind of Christ.

Season 2

11. Handling Life Situations

In this presentation, Dan Gabbert shares some interesting beliefs that people carry and that have sabotaged many lives.

12. Beliefs that Trap People

Have you been trapped by an unhealthy belief system? It’s amazing what people can experience when they get hold of God’s ways of healing.

13. Everybody Should Treat Us Right

In this presentation Dan Gabbert speaks about another belief that has trapped many individuals into a downward spiral of hopelessness and helplessness and even anger and frustration.

14. When Things Do Not Turn Out My Way

In this presentation, Dan Gabbert addresses another unhealthy belief that most people carry and that has trapped so many individual into a downward spiral of negative belief.

15. My Perception is Responsible for How I Feel

Did you know that your perception is responsible for how you feel? Do you carry any beliefs that have affected your life in a negative way leading to difficulties and depression?

16. Worries (My Attempt to Control the Future)

Dan Gabbert shares through the word of God, how to overcome worries and the attempt to control the future. God's alternative way of seeing things is better than human ways.

17. Avoid Life Difficulties or Face Them

Dan Gabbert addresses another unhealthy belief that most people carry. Here is the false belief, “It is easier to avoid life’s difficulties and responsibilities, much easier than actually facing them.”

18. Thoughts Become Beliefs

Dan Gabbert helps us understand how our thought lives affect our belief system.

18. Replacing the Old with the New

Many people base their whole experience upon the past. If they dwell on the negative experiences in the past, they continually experience negative feelings that affect them emotionally, mentally and physically.

18. Why Does God Allow Problems

Why does God allow problems and where do problems originate? Some problems are brought on by our own wrong choices; some problems are generated by the choices of other people that we have no control over.

19. Fear

Where does fear and anxiety originate from? How does fear affect us? What areas of life do people fear in? Three major areas that people carry most fear are: The fear of want. The fear of death.

20. The Power of Choice

In this presentation, Dan Gabbert covers a very important topic on the power of choice. God has given us an incredible power to make choices. What is God asking us to do with the gift of choice?

Season 3

21. Faith

God has given every person a gift that is a seed of powerful healing, which enables everyone to be a victor instead of a victim.

22. Find Freedom from Unhealthy Control

In this presentation, Dan Gabbert address a major concern that affects many people--that is the control of other people.

23. True vs False Guilt

Dan Gabbert through the word of God helps us understand this topic that can be very devastating when someone doesn’t understand it correctly.

24. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful healing tools that God has offered mankind. It is very vital; most people however do not recognize the value of forgiveness or how to forgive.

25. Beyond Forgiveness

Dan Gabbert speaks of a concept that is often not spoken of in the Christian world, let alone anywhere else--the subject of beyond forgiveness.

26. Things Aren't Always What They Seem

We will experience many events and incidents in our lives that don’t turn out the way we planned them. We don’t think just happen the way we want them to?

27. Introduction to Fear

Every person on Earth has felt it. Only a few know how to deal with it. It is here because of the devil. What is “it”? Fear.

28. The Fear of Poverty

It seems normal to fear poverty. Isn’t it terrifying, the possibility that we may not get what we require? However, many people are now confusing what we need and what we want.

29. The Fear of Failure

Many of us, if not all of us, grow up being taught to be our best, to achieve higher, and to do even greater things. We push, strive, and continually reach.

30. The Fear of Rejection

Though not all of us admit it, we all want to be loved and accepted. The idea that not everyone likes us or may reject us can seriously hinder our spiritual development.

Season 4

31. The Fear of Suffering and Death

Pain and suffering is terrifying. Though we know what happens to us when we die, death and the unknown would be absolutely horrifying for those who do not know Christ.

32. The Origins of Fear

Where does fear originate from? Is fear necessary, and if not, why do we feel it? Dan Gabbert evaluates Mark 4 to help us understand where fear comes from.

33. God's Love Casts Out Fear

We all feel fearful for various reasons, and sometimes this fear can overpower us. We may feel helpless and useless against all that life has to throw at us. However, remember that God is love and God’s love is perfect.

34. Freedom of Control

Consider 5 Biblical accounts of control. Each story involves different tactics and different outcomes, but all involve the same problem.

35. How Does Jesus Define Perfection?

Our society has a very modernized view of perfection. We must look and act a certain way to please others.

36. The World Rejects You, Jesus Embraces You

We want to be accepted and loved by others, and it hurts when we are rejected. We can try and try but regardless of our effort we may stumble and be spurned by the world.

37. God's Acceptance of Man

Have you ever considered whether things are truly right between you and God? Perhaps you have questioned whether something is missing in your relationship.

38. Growth Spots in Our Relationships

We go through this world amongst others. We cannot be absolutely alone. Many of us have friends, family, and people who we hold close to us.

39. The Call of Discipleship

We should all strive to be followers of Christ. However, have we paid enough attention to the call of discipleship?

40. How to Deal with Frustration and Irritability

Traffic jams, annoying coworkers, tight deadlines, and everyday occurrences can cause our frustration to flare out of control.