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Leaving the Traditions of Men: From Amish to Adventist

What happens when the traditions of men take precedence over Bible truth? Does this keep you from finding peace?

Abe and Vernon Raber were raised in an Amish community. While Abe didn't have a problem with the Amish lifestyle, Vernon was unhappy. He was bullied in school and church because of his weight, and the Amish lifestyle prevented him from fulfilling his dream of becoming a truck driver. As a young adult, he left home and the Amish way of life, but returned after two years. Did God have a plan for Vernon's unhappy situation?
Abe didn't mind the Amish lifestyle, but the religion was unfulfilling for him. The rituals, based on the traditions of men, did not meet his spiritual needs. It seemed that people were more interested in how things were done in church - who was the best speaker or singer - rather than serious Bible study. Abe read some books and watched videos about Revelation, but nothing made sense to him. It seemed that nobody understood this important part of the Bible.

Then Abe discovered Walter Veith. Suddenly, the Bible made sense. He shared one of Walter Veith's videos with Vernon. Vernon went to the Scriptures to verify what he'd heard from Walter Veith. When he found that Walter Veith's statements matched up with the Bible, his life was changed from that moment on.
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