Dating Methods: Are They Accurate? | Amazing Discoveries
In this lecture, we discover that some scientific dating methods have horrible inaccuracies. It’s been said that the earth is billions of years old. But how can we know how old something is by just looking at it? Scientists use radiometric dating, wherein radioactivity can be used as a clock to measure geological time. We also see archaeological dating methods can be inaccurate. The older the rock, the smaller the ratio of the amount of the radioactive parent to the stable daughter. But this method is based on misled assumptions. An experiment was conducted to prove how old some rocks were from an island that emerged through a volcano less than 100 years ago. It was discovered that the error margin on these rocks was 7,000,000%. How can we assume that this dating method works on things that we don’t know the age of, when it clearly doesn’t work on the rocks that we do know the age of?
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