Total Transformation

Presented by Walter Veith

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. Co-dependence

This lecture deals with the harmony and interdependence existing in the natural world. As the natural world is a lesson book on the character of God, the principles that we can learn there must also apply to us as individuals and to His Church.

2. Thou Art Mine

Dive into a typological assessment of the ownership that God claims over us through Creation and redemption.

3. 1844 in Type and Antitype

This typological study compares the experience of the ancient Israel of God with that of the Advent movement which calls a people out of the world into His great light.

4. 1888: On the Borders of Canaan

This typological study compares the experience of the children of Israel as they were on the borders of Canaan about to enter the Promised Land with the Advent movement in 1888.

5. No Time for Rebellion

As we retrace the steps of ancient Israel in type and antitype, we get a clearer view as to where we are in the stream of history.

6. Nothing But this Manna

The typology of heavenly bread in its physical and spiritual dimension serves as a lesson book for the children of God till the end of time.

7. Look and Live

The remedy for sin—the serpent on the pole erected by Moses—is the great message of righteousness by faith.

8. Baal-Peor

On the very borders of Canaan, one of the saddest chapters in the history of Israel took place. Enter the story and even learn about an antitypical emulation of this event recorded for posterity.

9. Laodicea-The Piercing Look

We have a tendency to always give an external application of the message, when in fact the message is personal. The Laodiciean message tells us the true condition of our heart: spiritual blindness and poverty.

10. Am I My Brother's Keeper?

It is easy to love the truth, love Christ, and be enthralled by the plan of salvation. It is much harder to love God's people, but this is the exact lesson we learn in Scripture.

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