Do Miracles Happen Or Is It Superstition? | Amazing Discoveries

Do Miracles Happen Or Is It Superstition?

Do miracles happen or can they be explained by science? People often try to justify miracles with scientific explanations of chemical reactions and unproven theories. Those who attack miracles are not only evolutionists, but church leaders and members are also striking out against miracles. Why do seemingly religious people try to find systematic and scientific explanations for divine miracles? Thomas Bentley shows us that this final hook of there not being any miracles is not just confined to science, but exists in the Christian church itself. Witness how liberal theology is destroying Biblical truths and how many are worshiping liberalism and culture instead of the word of God. Bentley reveals proof for different prophecies in the Bible, showing us that miracles did, and still do occur. Keep your eyes open and your minds sharp to how our culture tries to hide miracles from view. Watch this important final video of this series and decide for yourself whether we have miracles happening today.
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