Digging Up the Past

Presented by Francois DuPlessis

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. Archaeological Discoveries in Bible Lands - Part 1

What do recent archaeological discoveries have to say about the stories in Scripture? Learn about the Rosetta Stone and other inscripted Mesopotamian tablets whose stories align with the history recorded in God’s Word.

1. Archaeological Discoveries in Bible Lands - Part 2

Walk the footsteps of Abram in Ur. Visit the place where Daniel is buried, and maybe even the spot where he spent the night with the lions.

2. In Search of Noah's Ark - Part 1

Is Noah’s ark still sitting atop Mount Ararat in the mountains of Turkey? Why has no one found it? This lecture explores the mystery behind Noah’s ark. The mountains of Armenia, which tell the ancient story of Noah, also tell of the battle for our souls that still rages today.

3. In Search of Noah's Ark - Part 2

Explore Ughastar, the possible location of Noah’s Ark. What happened to Noah’s family as they struggled to re-establish humanity’s place on the Earth? Archaeology and Scripture give parallel accounts of Noah’s descendants, who have much to teach us about history, God, and ourselves.

4. Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty Vol 1 - Part 1

What can we learn from the story of Moses? Are we becoming more like Moses, who maintained his faith in God by refusing to take the easy route? Or are we becoming like Pharoah, who let many counterfeit gods get in the way of the true God’s plan for his life?

5. Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty Vol 1 - Part 2

Thousands of years ago in the Egyptian city of Avaris, a shepherd named Moses took a stand against an oppressive king. Enter this story of how God used a simple man’s obedience to show His wonder-working power and His love for His people Israel.

6. Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty Vol 2 - Part 1

Explore the escape of God’s people from Egypt. Israel’s story has many practical applications for us today. But what happened in the 18th dynasty to bring about Egypt’s decline? Can the hieroglyphic inscriptions of the pharaohs help us piece together their history?

7. Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty Vol 2 - Part 2

Egypt’s Sphinx holds between its paws a clue to help us unravel the history of the ancient pharaohs. Embark on a journey to this age-old landmark where a stone stela’s inscription tells a story that confirms the Bible’s account of the plagues.

8. Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty Vol 2 - Part 3

Hostile religious intolerance in ancient Egypt mirrors the persecution we are seeing in our world today. One pharaoh of Egypt dared to stand against polytheistic sun worship. What happened to him?

9. Faith and Faithlessness - Joseph Lives

The excruciating trials and disappointments in Joseph’s life eventually led him to a place where he could be part of God’s plan to save His people from starvation. Do we have our eyes open to see where God is at work amidst the pain and discouragement of this life?

10. Faith and Faithlessness - Petra's Colorful History

On this journey to the archaeological remains of the stunning city of Petra, visit many of the Bible’s important landmarks.

Season 2

1. The Enemies of Ancient Israel - Nineveh Discovered

Compare the words of God’s prophets in the Old Testament to the inscriptions on Assyrian clay tablets. Can God’s prophetic word be trusted? What can archaeology tell us about the lives of proud Nebuchadnezzar and Ahab?

2. The Enemies of Ancient Israel - Israel & The Assyrians

Centuries before archaeologists deciphered his name, the Bible mentioned King Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria. The Bible is true and inspired by God. What can Scripture’s account of the Assyrian kings teach us about our relationship with God?

3. The Enemies of Ancient Israel - Gog and Magog

When Ezekiel prophesied against the heathen ruler Gog, his words had both a literal and a symbolic meaning. Explore the end-time significance of Gog and Magog in this study of Scripture’s prophecies

4. In the Footsteps of Abram Vol 1 - Part 1 - Who Was Abram

A look at the beginning of Abram’s life, his struggles, Abram & Sarai’s barrenness. Learn about the origins of Abram and the culture that surrounded him.

5. In the Footsteps of Abram Vol 1 - Part 2 - Journey Out of Ur

Abram is called out of a thriving city to go where he did not know. Visit archaeological sites where Abram sojourned and pitched his tents. Learn about all that Abram left behind as he obediently left for a promised inheritance.

6. In the Footsteps of Abram Vol 2 - Part 3 - On the Road to Canaan

What was the road like that Abram travelled on the way to Canaan, as he passed through pagan territory.

7. In the Footsteps of Abram Vol 2 - Part 4 - Abram in Egypt

Instead of trusting God in times of trouble, Abram often succumbed to his fear, choosing his own way over God’s and endangering his own family in the process. Do God’s plans have to change when we disobey Him? Can we trust that His ways are higher than ours?

8. In the Footsteps of Abram Vol 3 - Part 5 - Abram in Canaan

Abram left his shameful past in Egypt to a new beginning in the promised land. He was rich and blessed by God, loaded with gifts from the king of Egypt.

9. In the Footsteps of Abram Vol 3 - Part 6 - Abram and the Promise

Sodom once looked like Garden of Eden. Abram lost his friendship with Lot and the opportunity of living in the best part of the land. How did God comfort Abram?

10. In the Footsteps of Abram Vol 3 - Part 7 - The King of Jerusalem

Decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Eblaite cuneiforms, and the tablets of Lagish on this journey to unlock the mystery of Melchizedek. Who was this priest and whom does he typify?

Season 3

11. Plagues, Grace, and Judgment - Plagues and Grace

What do God’s conversations with Noah, Moses, and Jonah have to do with end-time prophecy? What can we glean about these prophecies from the exploits of Abram and Sarah in Egypt? The types of the Old Testament find their antitypical fulfillment in the New Testament.

12. Plagues, Grace, and Judgment - The Sceptre and Shiloh

What do you know about the story of Esther? Why were her people still in exile? Explore the connections between the drama of ancient Media and the battles and judgment yet to come on Earth.

13. Elijah’s Typology - Part 1

Despite the wickedness of King Ahab, God longed to save him. Follow the prophet Elijah on his journey to preach the truth to Israel.

14. Elijah’s Typology - Part 2

Jezebel was a wicked queen of Israel who worshiped false gods and tried to exterminate the true prophets of the true God. The prophecies in Revelation 12 and 17 suggest a basic repetition of the history of Jezebel.

15. Elijah’s Typology - Part 3

Elijah and John the Baptist both witnessed God’s power in amazing ways. But both also had times of deep discouragement and confusion. Learn how God responded to these faithful men and how their lives have symbolic significance for the Church in the last days.

16. Heroes of the Bible - Daniel

What was so important about the book of Daniel that caused Martin Luther and John Calvin to make the book a priority in their translating and conferences? What do the dream of a Babylonian monarch and the vision of an ancient prophet have to say to us today?

17. Heroes of the Bible - Uriah the Hittite

Enter this well-known story of Uriah the Hittite from Uriah’s point of view. Francois reveals parallels between modern-day applications of this story and a typology of Christ. This lecture will touch your heart as you examine the life of this hero.

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