Genesis Conflict

Presented by Walter Veith

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. The Earth in Time and Space

What do canyons, time zones, and fossils have to do with the Bible? Can they disprove the big bang theory?

2. A Universal Flood

Science denies that the Biblical Flood occurred, but what does the geologic evidence have to say? Science today denies a universal flood, as it would destroy the continuity of the fossil record in the geological column.

3. Bones in Stones

What does the Bible have to say about the appearance and disappearance of dinosaurs? Can the fossil record and the Bible be compatible?

3. Where Mammals Reigned

Does the Biblical account of a worldwide Flood match the evidence in the geological column? This lecture discusses the ice ages and reasons for mammalian distribution and appearance in the upper portion of the geological column.

3. The Genes of Genesis

Biochemical evolution, speciation, and the origin of variety are presented in full multimedia format. This fascinating lecture includes examples of irreducible complexity, and discusses the core of genetic problems involved in the evolutionary process.

3. Creation to Restoration

Darwin considered parasites and carnivory evidence for evolution. In this video, the plausibility of an opposite perspective of a fall from perfection to imperfection is discussed.

3. A Day To Be Remembered

Who is the Creator? What is the significance of the seventh day of Creation and what impact does it have on our lives today? Was the seventh day a Jewish institution or did it originate in Eden?

3. A Spade Unearths the Truth

Does history support Scripture? What does archaeology have to say about the Bible? This video takes us on a fascinating walk through the ages.

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