Omicron, Vaccine Mandates, Liberty, Conscience & Freedom

One of the casualties of the pandemic has been individual freedom. Some believe this is a small price to pay for public safety. But is there something more than public safety behind the loss of freedom? In Episode 93 we discuss the Omicron variant and what its influence is on the world. Is omicron less deadly? Does science support the government policies that have been put in place? President Biden made it clear that the aim for the new normal is to get everybody vaccinated. But could it be that the real aim is control through a vaccine passport, green card, or social credit system? What does this have to do with liberty and freedom of conscience? Why does Revelation 18:13 talk about merchants trading in “slaves, and souls of men”? How should we respond to what we’re seeing around us? We look at what the Bible says about these things.
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