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Emergent Church Teachings in Adventism

Get Away from the Tents
Is the emergent church the omega of apostasy in Adventism? Have we naively embraced panentheism and spiritual formation? Learn how to recognize signs of a new spirituality that has penetrated God’s remnant church.

Get Away From the Tents discusses inroads of the king of the north’s theology into the very heart of God’s people. This study is an appeal to distance oneself from theologies and religious practices that are contrary to the essence of Seventh-day Adventism. It is a call not to separate from the body, but to take a stand against apostate teachings within the church. The omega of apostasy must be exposed, for it will lead to the same clash that Moses faced when he confronted Korah, Dathan and Abiram. This is a call to stand apart and separate from apostasy in our ranks.
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