The Struggle is Real

Presented by LoAmmi Richardson

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. You Had One Job

The rich young ruler failed to do the one job he had to do. Christ identified what he lacked and wants to show us our true condition and provide the remedy that we may be saved.

2. The Essential Oil

Holiness is wholeness for God. Learn how you can possess a character that will survive the grave and be made glorious with immortality for the endless ages of eternity.

3. The Struggle of Being an On-Fire Christian

What is it about Laodicean Christians that makes them lukewarm and sickening to Christ? Why is He pictured outside, knocking on the door? Learn what is needed to bring us into harmony with Christ.

4. Step 1 - Love

Is God’s sole purpose to get us into heaven? Victorious Christians must learn that fighting against Christ is harder than surrendering to Him. Learn why love is the first step toward completion in Christ.

5. Step 2 - Conviction

When we fall into sin, does God want to condemn us and punish us with guilt? Seeing guilt as a gift instead of a punishment changes our view of how God approaches us.

6. Step 3 - Repentance

Many Christians are merely modified but have never been transformed. It’s a deception of Satan that we don’t have to fully surrender to God. The struggle is real, but it’s a beautiful thing.

7. Step 5 - bearing fruit

Are you tired of being a hypocrite, pretending to be something you’re not? Learn how to be a fruit-bearing Christian and why Christ is more interested in your demonstration than in your proclamation.

8. Step 6 - Temptation

In the day of judgement, none will have any excuse for being overcome by sin. The weakest Christian can make Satan and his host tremble. Learn what we must do for victory over temptation every time.

9. Step 7 - Intercession

Christ wants us to live a victorious life, but if we fall, we need not despair for He will do His part to restore us. What, then, is our part? Learn how we can disappoint the enemy and honor our Redeemer.