That You May Know You Have Eternal Life

Presented by Chad Kreuzer

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. That You May Know You Have Eternal Life

Some people look at salvation with great joy; others are terrified at the mention of the words “eternal life,” because they are not sure whether they have it. Find out how to be sure.

2. Salvation and the Sanctuary

What does the Old Testament sanctuary have to do with the plan of salvation?

3. Born Again

Romans 5 tells us, “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.” We naturally have carnal desires; so how, then do we become like God and desire the things of the Spirit?

4. Bible Study

In this message, we look into simple ways to study the Word so that it becomes alive during your devotional time.

5. His Word in My Heart

In this lecture, we look at one of the most overlooked parts of a person’s spiritual growth: committing Scripture to memory and hiding it in our hearts.

6. To Him that Overcomes

Can God actually help me to be an overcomer? In this message, we search to see how we can have this overcoming experience in our own lives.

7. Victory in the Brain

Is the brain a locked case of gray mass or can it be transformed? God wants to change your brain through His Word, the Bible.

8. Suffering to Victory

We learn from our Lord Jesus that He suffered in the flesh, yet He did not sin. Should we not have the same mindset? How does suffering fit into our spiritual lives?

9. Abiding

Paul uses the word “faith” 160 times in his writing, while John uses the word “abide” 36 times and “faith” only once.

10. History of Memorization

Throughout history, God’s faithful have memorized His Word. How can we have the same experience that the faithful have had throughout the generations?