For Such a Time As This!

Presented by Daniel Pel

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. Lost but Found

Take a closer look at how the parable teachings of Jesus reveal our value and purpose in the eyes of heaven.

2. The parable of a fig tree

Jesus’ story of the fig tree abruptly ends with the fate of the fig tree unknown. Find out how this incredible parable will play out in our lives.

3. For such a time as this!

Are we here by accident? Is there any purpose to life? Discover a God that has given you purpose since before you even existed.

4. Faith that will be remembered, part 1

Journey through the pages of the book of Romans to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

5. Faith that will be remembered, part 2

Explore the truths of Christ’s Gospel on this journey through the book of Romans.

6. The last tower of Babel

This in-depth Bible presentation will bring you from Genesis to Revelation, revealing the character of the system of false worship known as Babylon, and unmasking the deceptions of our days that have their roots in the past.

7. Revelation's two witnesses

God’s Word has stood the test of time. Discover how you can make the Word of God your firm foundation in life.

8. A new exodus

Discover how the delivery out of the bondage of Egypt recorded for us in Scripture is a shadow of another Exodus we all are invited to experience.

9. A compromise and calamity

An ancient king led his people into a counterfeit system of worship. His story is being repeated on a worldwide scale before our very eyes.

10. The two most important questions in the book of Revelation

When the truths of Revelation are unsealed, some crucial questions rise to the surface. Discover the most important answers to these most important questions.