Who are the mysterious women in the Ephah? | Amazing Discoveries
Zechariah 4 and 5 feature strange symbols such as two women in an ephah, a candle stick with two olive trees, and a flying roll. In Part 2 of this Bible study on Zechariah, Professor Walter J. Veith looks at the symbols of these Bible prophecies. How are the visions here similar to those in Revelation?

God offered encouragement to His church when a remnant returned from Babylon to rebuild the temple. His words of comfort are also applicable to His faithful people today when the work of building God’s kingdom is so often hindered and faces opposition from without and within.

What future, spiritual applications might there be for the symbol of the “great mountain,” the flying roll, the ephah and the two women? What is the significance of the precise dimensions given for the roll? And how are these things relevant to our day? Answers to these questions and others are considered in this fascinating Bible study on the Book of Zechariah.
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