Echoes from the Past, Pictures of the Future

Presented by Daniel Pel

Season 1, Episode 1


Season 1

1. A Lost Kingdom

An introduction into the world of the prophet Daniel of the Old Testament reveals an unseen battle raging in the universe.

2. Prophetic Symbols & The Future of this World

An incredible prophecy from ancient Babylon leads us through the rise and fall of the empires to the days in which we are living and reveals the near future.

3. The Story of Three Kings

Three mighty rulers of antiquity come face to face with God’s prophet, changing the course of their lives.

4. The Rise of the Antichrist

Who is the Antichrist figure spoken of in Bible Prophecy? Is he a figure of the past, present, or future? What has or will he do? Discover this mysterious power unmasked!

5. A Judgment in our Favor

Fascinating prophecies reveal that we are living in the time of Judgment. What does this mean for us today?

6. A Peek Behind the Scenes

A journey through the longest prophecy in the book of Daniel truly establishes the accuracy of Scripture and gives us confidence for the future.

7. Final Deliverance!

The final chapter of the book of Daniel gives us a picture of final events and the good news of a restored kingdom.

8. Letters from a Lonely Isle

Seven letters reveal the course of the Christian Church throughout the ages leading up to a graphic description of God’s Church today.

9. Revelation’s Countdown

John on the island of Patmos sees in vision a book sealed with seven seals that no one can open except Jesus Christ.

10. A Movement of Prophecy and an Approaching King

The book of Revelation records seven angels with seven trumpets and seven messages. What are the seven messages all about?