Single Sermons

Presented by Walter Veith

Season 1, Episode 1

Season 1

1. Our Personal God

Is God a personal being? Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Could an integration of science and religion unite all humanity? In this lecture, Pastor Veith gets to the heart of theories on the nature of God.

2. Who Shall Dwell?

No one would choose Barabbas unless they had a distorted view of Jesus. Is it possible that today the world has such a distorted view of God that they would again cry, “Give us Barabbas!”?

3. Almighty Compassionate God

Jesus, Job and Jeremiah were mistreated by their friends. When you suffer for faithfully bearing the Three Angels’ Messages, how will you respond? It depends upon your conception of God.

4. Terah Died in Haran

What was so dangerous about Haran that God called Abram with the urgent message, “Get thee out”? How far are we prepared to go? Will we follow Christ into the heavenly Canaan, or will we die in Haran?

5. For Your Ears Only

What lessons does the Book of John have for God’s people living in these last days? How must the remnant prepare for the shaking and the latter rain? Jesus’ words have special significance right now.

7. Remember

8. Corporate Identity

Our corporate identity is wrapped up in Christ. Jesus didn’t only die for you, He died as you. In Christ, your repentance, conversion and faith are perfect and immaculate. What then is your contribution?

9. Except Your Righteousness Exceed

What is the difference between having a pharisaical mind and having the mind of Christ? In this presentation, Walter Veith looks at justification by faith and Christ’s standard of righteousness.

10. Rise and Shine

If we have all the right answers to tough questions, why are there still unbelievers? What can we do differently to declare the truth to all the nations?

11. The Big Five